3 Sex Tips That Can Improve Sex

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Sex is fundamental in reproduction. If you are trying to get pregnant, sex is going to play a big role. Rather than just having sex and hoping to get pregnant, there are some things you can do in regards to sex that can improve your chances of getting pregnant faster.

The first tip is to not overdo sex. Many people believe that having a lot of sex will increase the chances of getting pregnant. Contrary to their belief, it only weakens the quality of sperm and the quantity. This can lower the chances of getting pregnant. Instead of having sex everyday, people should time their sex around ovulation.

This leads to the second tip, the timing of sex around ovulation. Ovulation is the most fertile period for a women. During ovulation is when an egg is released for fertilization. Therefore, if you time sex around this important time, there is a higher chance of the sperm fertilizing the egg. So, there is a better chance of getting pregnant.

The last tip refers to the actual sexual activity. It is said that the missionary position or any position that involves deep penetration is best for getting pregnant. This helps the sperm reach the egg supposedly. Although not proven, some have had success using such positions to get pregnant. Another tip to תנוחות סקס מומלצות consider to go along with this is that elevating the hips and laying down after intercourse for about 5 to 10 minutes may also help improve chances of getting pregnant.

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