Anonymous Domain Registration

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Domain registration is required to maintain a database of website names and their corresponding IP addresses, including the information of the person who owns the website. It also prevents websites having the same name. Websites which are linked to the ICANN?s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Domain Name Server (DNS) database, can easily provide information as to who owns which website. This is especially helpful in cases where copyright laws have been violated, or illegal pornography has been posted and a lawsuit needs to be instigated.

People who do not wish their personal information, such as last name, residential address, or phone number to be seen, by all the people accessing the Internet desire anonymous domain registration. It also prevents Spam from being directed to individual?s email addresses. Many companies are offering domain registration these days, but the user might end up paying $5 to $10 more than they normally would have.

What happens is, that domain-registering companies register the domain in their names, instead of the users. The users enter into an agreement with the Registrar, which states the terms of use, and the conditions under which the user?s information can be made public. It includes sending Spam or any illegal activity. Users can sell the domain or modify the contents of the websites, as per their wish. However, the official owner of the website is the Registering company. Users obviously will have to follow the ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.

Anonymous registration also avoids poaching of customers by competing registrars, who can check the WHOIS database and attempt to lure customers with better offers.

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