Bed Liner Frequently Asked Questions

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A roll on bed liner is one way to get a cheap bed liner. It’s a good option for many truck owners. There are several questions that arise about these bed liners. Here are a few frequently asked questions…

Is it as good as a professional spray on liner?

The liner coating you can put on will be much thinner than the professional coating. Because of that, your liner will be easier to scratch. It won’t be as durable, but that may not matter. Here’s the other thing. You can use bed liner paint where you couldn’t use a professional liner. You could use in the floor board area for example. It’s not like a professional liner, but it’s close in many ways.

How much is it going to cost?

Here’s the real advantage. Low cost. The liner you install yourself will likely cost less than a third of what a pro liner will set you back. Let’s say you have an older truck with a rough looking bed. No way can you justify the cost of a spray on liner. You may be able to justify the small cost of a do it yourself liner, when you consider how much better your truck will look.

What’s the best kind of truck bed paint?

Many manufacturers make bed liner paint. Herculiner is probably the leader. One reason is you can get a bedliner kit so all the spray on bedliner tools and supplies are in one package. Also the Herculiner texture is designed so the coating has a really thick look. Plasti-Kote is another popular brand.

How long will it take?

The actual painting just takes a few minutes. Cleaning and preparation is what takes the time. How much repair work you do to the bed is the biggest factor in how long it takes. Time spent on preparation is time well spent.

Will it last?

Get the preparation right and the coating will stick for a long time. Then it depends on how rough you are on the coating. The thing is… you can repair damage on a liner you install just like the professional liner can be repaired.

Can I get colors other than black?

That’s another advantage of a kit from Herculiner. You can get several colors including gray, white and red. That way you can better match you truck color…

A roll on bed liner is a great way to make an older truck look far better. The liner you install yourself isn’t exactly like a professional coating, but it sure can be an improvement if you do it right.

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