Boys’ Backpacks – Why Your Kid Needs Them!

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When going out for anything, jungle boys strains tend to pack and cramp everything into one backpack, far different than girls who rather split them up in two.

As a scouts instructor it is common to see guys fretting over painful backs and necks when going for field trips to the wild. This is unfortunately because boys nowadays tend to be too vain and would rather carry a branded common back than a real backpack for hiking. Hence, cramping everything into one bag that is not meant for the outdoors will in time stress, strain and cause pain to one’s back.

A general trend is to keep the weight of your backpack to about 15 % of your actual weight. How can one do this? Wear the most comfortable all weather outfit and carry your other heavy clothing like a jacket in the bag. Medicines, food and water and even a small roller back tent if it’s needed, can be switched between hand carry and carrying it in a backpack.

If such actions and initiatives are not taken by the group leader it may ruin the whole event and even cause medical damage to the other guys. How so? Well, during the growing years the bones are soft and they tend to take the shape of the posture one maintains for a long time.

Style dominates most of today’s purchases and hence a boy would probably buy the most hip bags than the sturdiest and comfortable boy’s backpacks. The worst part is where the boys carry these bags slanted, by one strap and slouched. They think it’s cool but it’s a death blow to their posture and well being. On most occasions the parents would give in to the child’s demand regarding the style of the backpack. A boy would rather die than carry a bag chosen by his parents.

Hence the only way to reduce the load is by allowing them to pack only the most necessary items. Actually this is an opportunity to teach the kids a lesson on how to manage their stuff and what stuff is necessary. Boys grow fast but learn slow. The least you can do is make sure they learn!

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