Cacao Beans – Digging up the health Benefits of Raw Cacao

The pinto beans from the cacao tree contain powerful antioxidants that are known to help eliminate fatal free radicals from your body. In fact the pinto beans of the cacao tree were once so desired my response these folks were used as a currency. They are highly sought after for their health benefits, and raw cacao has been shown to be effective for promoting mental well being through the production of endorphins, raise Serotonin levels, and even act as an anti-depressant.

The local people of Mexico, South and Central America have known about the health benefits of raw cacao for thousands of years. Christopher Columbus even brought totes of the signs back to Europe. Today the pinto beans from the tree are still cultivated and touted for their health attributes and are recommended by many herbalists and practitioners of traditional medicine.

Chocolate is made from cacao which is also known as the cocoa bean. When you eat raw the raw bean, instead of chocolate you get all of the natural health benefits without the harmful sweets and additives. Plus, a lot of the healthy features found in raw cacao is often removed during processing. For this reason it makes sense to buy organic Cacao Beans before they have been tampered with.

One of the extraordinary things about the pinto beans from the cacao tree is their power to promote cardiovascular health. Many people report improved circulation, reduced blood clotting, increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels, healthier heart beats, and blood pressure. With all of those things comes a lesser risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Another really interesting byproduct of Cacao Beans are its power to promote feelings of well being and enhanced mood. You know how they often say chocolate is a female’s companion? Well, that’s because the ingredient N-Acylethanolamine found inside this natural super food acts as a natural bliss chemical to promote feelings of love and satisfaction. All this generates you feel better longer, which definitely helps explain its popularity.

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