Cacao Pulverulence and Alkaloids

A dear friend and brother of acquire likes to refer to the Cacao pulverulence as “Capow”. When one eats this food, it is like a samsung s8500 of energy hits you and “Capow! “; like a hasty current of bliss one’s day is instantly turns in a new and interesting direction.

Not many foods (that are legal), have such an affect the human body, if any at all. Cacao pulverulence is definitely in a little league of a. Truly a psychotropic food, Cacao was primarily used in shamanic and ceremonial rituals.

Cacao pulverulence is naturally bitter, very bitter. This is due to the potent array of alkaloids. Foods that have healing value, for the most part, have a number of alkaloids.

The foods that domesticated humans enjoy conventionally today are not healing and are not found in nature. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, and even the carrots we see in the market today are not wild food, meaning you will not see a broccoli head anywhere in nature. The alkaloids have been bread out to meet taste requirements that the domesticated human likes. These alkaloids are physiological response components that are healing in one way or another. The debate on whether certain alkaloids are healing or not is a popular one and is obviously one of personal perception.

Alkaloids in saguaro cactus, to the domesticated Westerner, are nothing more than a drug. To the Natives of the Free airline who had thrived without Western influence for thousands of years, this plant has potent healing properties that connect them to the “spirit realm”. The fact that these cultures have thrived for thousands of years and virtually shared the same general beliefs whether neighborhood friends or across the globe, might hint that there happens to be something the analytical Western mind of the past 500 years is missing.

The past 500 years of Western influence has brought detrimental physical degeneration and disease that was unseen and unheard of before to Natives. Microscopes, common sense, and reductionism have proven to get the human species no place fast, actually to the attention of their own termination. The idea of humbling ourselves and looking to our ancestors for traditional ways of living might be the only thing that can save the human species from its apparent deterioration.

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