Common myths About Link Building

Link Building is an important part of any web site’s SEO effort. However, there are various common myths that besieg Link Building thanks to all the wrong information which can be found. These marketing1on1 common myths have only increased after the release of Google Penguin.

What are the causes of Link Building common myths?

There may not be any guidelines for proper Link Building though most search engines will be able to tell you about what not to do while doing Link Building. Most of the times, people will misread what the webmaster tools say and will use that for their own benefit. As a result, many common myths about Link Building are formed. Given below are some of the common common myths about Link Building.

Directory submissions are not very successful

This is one of the most common common myths about Link Building. Directories are the most effective Link Building channels even now. However, when submitting the sites to these directories, it is important to remember that the quality and quantity of links submitted can make a lot of difference. Directory submissions are a very good way of increasing the quality of links. However, there are certain things that you need to make sure before submitting the site to any of the directories. You need to ensure that the directory is not a part of any link network, it is not spammy and will never be reprimanded.

Reciprocal linking is no longer moral

Reciprocal links can add SEO value to the sites that are a part of the Link Building effort if it is done in an moral and right way. What can have a negative relation to your site is if the site where you get a reciprocal link is meaningless and is in no way powering your site or field of business.

Don’t backlink to other sites

In today’s world, it is important for you to be a part of a community than being the destination of incoming links itself. Different websites will be encouraged to backlink to you if you will offer high quality links to anyone who visits your site. A part of this is to recommend other quality sites to people who visit your site. It is important for search engines that you are a part of the right group and add value to your visitor’s experience by providing the right type of links.

Get links from sites with a high page rank

Link Building is not as simple as getting links from sites with a high page rank. There are various factors that can affect the performance of your site. Things like the number of incoming links, the anchor text, how relevant the linking site is to your site etc will change lives. You also need to make sure that the page that you backlink to on the site has a high page rank. Sometimes, only the homepage will have a high page rank. You also have to ensure that the anchor text is not a no follow link as that is not good.

Links coming from inconsequential sites cannot be counted

There are many people who will say that links from inconsequential websites will not help your site. However, they fail to realize that directory submissions and social bookmark creating also make a big difference to the performance of the site. However, you should realize that all the websites that are there on the internet are not directories, social sites or news related websites. And linking to such sites will make no difference to your website.

Only links that are indexed change lives

This is not true at all. There are various examples of sites with zero indexed incoming links doing well browsing results. Similarly, you should realize that wish link is indexed does not mean it will help your site perform better. Whether the link is indexed or not will not matter. What will matter is the grade of the links that you get to your site.

Buying links isn’t an moral SEO technique

There are many good quality directories like Yahoo! Directory that require you to pay in order get included in the directory. Similarly, you may have to pay to become a member of various business boards. These instances of buying links are completely legitimate and cannot be considered to be unethical. However, you should be mindful while buying links. It is OK to buy a small amount of high quality links for your site. What you should not do is to buy a substantial amount links and then cover them to be organic links.

Link solicitation is the best way to get links

Many SEO s may recommend link solicitation to get links to your site. However, this isn’t always in the best interest of your site. Given below are the various reasons why link solicitation is considered to be bad.

· You will be spamming a niche site and can get reprimanded or even flagged for this.

· You need to think about how many times you will reply to unsolicited emails. If you don’t respond to these mails, you cannot expect others to respond to your mails either.

· You need to think about why a person may not expect a link or a payment if they agree to backlink to your site.

· It can become a waste of time and money and may not give you any success either

· Understand that all of your customers will not be the same. The wants and requirements of each customer will be different

· Try and make the site interactive and give your web visitors enable you to engage.

One can use Link Building tools

It is important for you to remember that search engines do not encourage anything that’s not organic. When you use Link Building tools, there will be a increase of your links on various questionable sites. This will give a clear signal to the search engines that what you are carrying out involves something that’s not right. Another drawback of using Link Building tools is that they will not check the sites to which they submit your link for any consequence or other issues. Hence, using these tools can lead to many bad links which can have a negative relation to your site.

Guarantee of active links

Most of the times, the directories and other sites that you submit to, will have the right to decide whether your link should be added or not. Any SEO who can guarantee you active links will almost certainly do some illegal thing to get your links active. You should be careful of such SEO s who promise that you simply certain number of active links.

Moral and proper Link Building requires a lot of manual effort and discretion. It involves a lot of thinking, strategic marketing and several opponent research. A replacement of this with many inconsequential links will only have a negative relation to your site. That is why it is important for you to make sure that your partner gets all your links in an moral manner. Not doing so can cost your site a great deal and lead to the downfall of your site online.

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