Eco-Friendly Fashion — Organic Clothing

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Cotton is the most popular fabric which they can use for all different types of Clothing, but traditional farming for conventional cotton requires lots chemicals and is hard on the environment. As public knowing of our environmental issues being raised, organic cotton becomes sustainable fabric that is trusted for Clothing and eco friendly clothing shops is grown without toxins, man made fertilizers or any other harsh chemical things that can cause skin rashes or allergies. Organic cotton makes a huge difference to the environment and our wellbeing, since half of Clothing in the world is made from either organic or conventional cotton. Nowadays, organic Clothing with a wide selection of styles and types is available in many stores and marketers all over the world.

Buying organic Clothing makes our life greener and healthier. Most of Clothing is made from conventional cotton and coloured with different colors that have toxins. Many people believe that organic cotton, without any chemicals, is easier on human skin than conventional cotton. Organic Clothing is now you can find with non-toxic fabric dyes. Organic cotton is also a perfect alternative for those who have sensitive skin or chemical the like. In the You. S., farmers grow cotton with an increase of advanced and scientific methods that are better for our planet.

Advanced garden methods can help sustain the land. Instead of using man made fertilizers, organic cotton uses frequent harvest turn methods and cover harvest strategies to keep the soil healthy and productive. To get rid of all pests, farmers use their natural adversaries to kill pests, and lure them away from cotton. By doing this, we will get 100% natural organic cotton without any harmful chemicals. In the You. S., organic products, based on certain regulations, must be certified by government agencies, such as the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

As it pertains fashion, more and more mainstream brands and high-end designers are aware of environmental issues and start organic Clothing lines. You can find a wide variety of organic Clothing selections from baby to adult in department shops, specialty stores, organic stores or farmers markets. Best of all, the cost of organic material is about 20% — 40% less than chemically coloured cotton.

According to some studies, each organic shirt you buy, 4 oz . of chemicals are avoided from entering the surroundings. It sounds little, but it becomes a big thing if more people purchase organic Clothing. Doing you skill to help our environment and have a green life.

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