Food Gift Baskets – The Perfect Food Gift Basket

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Looking for the perfect Greek food gift? The best Mediterranean food near me is at my house. Casual Greek restaurant serving up authentic Greek dishes in an intimate, stylish atmosphere. BYOB (comes with a house). My favorite: chickpea salad with feta cheese and tomato sauce (taste the inside of the chicken to get the real flavor, to eat from the outside skin). And best of all, homemade; I know they say it’s the best tasting food in the world, and I can verify that, at my house – which is in Los Angeles, CA, not Greece!

The best Mediterranean food gift to a friend is an authentic Greek restaurant gift. Of course, we don’t always have an open bar (so no alcohol allowed on the patio), so good wine and good food is the order of the day. Casa Natal (my favorite) is a family owned and operated restaurant in West Hollywood, just walking distance from the famous Rodeo Drive in downtown L.A. It has authentic Greek food and a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re looking for the classic, open-air setting of a classic Greek restaurant, this is the one to go to.

Another great restaurant in West Hollywood that is also a member of the Los Angeles Area Writers Union is Argo’s Kitchen. A classic Southern California place that serves up some of the best pasta in town, along with some of the best salad bars in the city. Their spinach & artichoke quesadilla are absolutely delicious, as are their other salads like their Caesar & chicken fettuccini. For dessert, head over to the Argo’s sister establishment, Tortas on Melrose, for fresh, tangy tortas and Mediterranean platters with a wide variety of vegetables.

If you’re looking for something more substantial than salad & sandwiches, check out DiGiorno. While their pizza isn’t necessarily the best in town, it is definitely one of the top gourmet pizzerias in all of Los Angeles. With award winning pizza and pasta, you can’t go wrong. Pair that delicious food with a decent bottle of wine. I recommend their White Zinfandel. The gift basket here is small but filled with some truly delicious Italian treats.

If you’re looking for a truly out of the ordinary gift basket, look no further than Romano’s. This place serves up some of the best baked potatoes you’ll ever have in your life. Along with the potatoes, they also serve up some of the best garlic bread in town. Pair that with a great bottle of wine, and you’ve got a gift that will not best mediterranean food near me be forgotten.

These are just a few of the food gift baskets you can find online. There are so many to choose from, and they are just as good as any store. So, if you’re looking for the perfect food gift baskets, then you should start shopping right here first.

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