Garage and Cellar Flooring: All about Polyurea Floor Coating

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You can have the most organized garage or cellar in the world, but an unattractive concrete floor is able to keep you from having your perfect dream garage. There are a number of options on the market for covering your garage or cellar floor, including an epoxy coating or a roll-out plastic sleeping pad, but the most durable and one of the most attractive is a polyurea coating. Considering the in season conditions, you want garage and polyurea cellar flooring which will be resistant to harsh temperatures as well as chemicals. Polyurea is much more durable than an epoxy floor (about four times more durable), and is flexible, so that it is more natural and comfortable.

Using polyurea as a floor is a newer idea, but polyurea has been online for the past couple of decades as water line coating, sewer lining coating, and in a other place that demands the most durable coverage. It is the perfect choice for garage floors especially, because it is resistant to temperature damage, chemical erosion, yellowing, chipping, and tire indentations. The surroundings can be extremely damaging to any flooring, particularly flooring that’s not protected from the elements as well, such as cellar and garage flooring.

Polyurea is also perfect for the cellar also because of the high moisture content that basement usually have. Concrete floors are usually unattractive, but paint is usually just a temporary fix, because paint will diminish and peel from the lemon due to time and moisture. Tiling or carpet will also not last long because of moisture; carpet also cards dangerous mold. Applying a polyurea coating will keep you from having to re-carpet, retile or repaint your cellar floor every few years. Often, when a company applies a polyurea coating to your floor, it is with a lifetime guarantee. If a company does not provide a lifetime guarantee with polyurea flooring, then you may want to consider going with a different company.

Finally, along with perhaps most importantly, a key aspect in a polyurea floor coating is safety. Plastic or polymer-bonded chips are mixed in with the coating to provide a non-slippery surface. Even when it is wet, your polyurea garage or cellar floor will not be slick, nor will moisture sink into the flooring. Additionally, polyurea is versatile; it comes in, or can be ordered in many different colors to match any d├ęcor. In many cases, you can also have a choice about the color of chips, and the amount of chips in the coating. You may have never thought you’d be able to put so much thought in the coloring and decoration of your garage, but polyurea flooring lets you do just that! Your cellar and/or garage will be transformed from dirty catch-all rooms to places that you can feel like to show off, and comfortable in.

You can apply polyurea coating yourself, but you can also hire professionals to do the job. There are plenty of companies that will do garage and cellar flooring, and many of them will do free services. Polyurea floor is just what you ought to have the exact garage and cellar you’ve always wanted!

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