Is your Short-Term Investing a Gambling Problem?

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Most of us understand the concept of bettors spending lots of time at a casino or racetrack. However, more and more bettors are hanging out performing short term options SLOTXO trading online, and this is a dangerous trend which is impacting many lives throughout the country.

Perhaps some of these individuals begin as stock investors who refuse to contemplate on the long-term prospects and instead focus their efforts on short-term price movements. This is triggerred by the increasing use of the internet in modern life, the fact that more people are taking control of their own retirement investments, and the fact that many media outlets spend a great deal of time within the price and movements of various stocks.

To this we can add late-night infomercials and dishonest companies who promote courses and seminars on some purportedly brilliant trading methods. All it takes to become a member of the seminars and memberships is to invest a few thousand dollars of your hard-earned money, thus increasing the investments and retirement accounts of the founder of these workshop companies.

There is a charity organization known as bettors unknown which has developed a series of questions that can help you or your loved one determine whether compulsive playing is really the issue involved. The more of these questions you answer yes to, a lot more likely you are to have a problem with compulsive playing and not simply investing.

These questions add the following: have you ever missed school or work because of playing hobbies? Has playing negatively impacted your family live? Have you tried to pay off debts or other financial obligations by winning money through playing? Have you ever gambled unless you had lost every single dollar you possessed? Have you ever had to borrow money so that playing? Have you ever lost sleep playing, or have you used playing as an escape from your problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you otherwise believe that you or a loved one may have a problem with compulsive playing, you should seek help immediately before things get worse.

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