Know About Different Kinds of Fibers in Rugs and Carpet Designing

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Carpets acquire a noteworthy position when put into use wisely. They possess a supernatural power to catch anyone’s eye. Within a short supply of time, they manage to dress up the living room with their warm, soothing and luxurious designs and colors.

The benefits of carpeting are numerous: it is eye-appealing, comfortable, warm, quick to install, available in various colors and textures and can renovate a home’s interior.

The basic difference in the types of carpet lies in the way in which they are prepared. Approximately more than 90% SZ stranding line the carpet is tufted by machines that are like huge sewing machines. These machines are fitted with a number of needles; these machines operate at extremely high-speed to stitch rows of face yarn tufted to a synthetic fiber. This process is called the “primary bucking”.

Types of Carpet Fiber-

Nylon- One of the most splendid features of Nylon is that Nylon is available in brilliant colors. This fiber is well-known for its wear, soil and mildew resistance power. It has the capability to tolerate the crushing weight of furniture and hold up well in heavily trafficked areas.

Olefin- Earlier, olefin was only used as an outdoor carpet because of its resistance to moisture and mildew, but recent advances in its appearance and textures have made it a likeable stuff for home as well. An extraordinary fact about Olefin is that, despite the greater number of processes involved in its manufacturing, it is still less expensive and fits in the budget. It fulfills various requirements such as it is easy to clean, is strong and resists stains, wear and static electricity.

Polyester- It is the perfect fiber for those who are in search of a luxurious stuff for their home. Polyester fibers are recognized all over for their softness; they offer strong color and luster retention.

At present most of polyester rugs are being made from the recycled PET (polyester) from plastic soda bottles and containers. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this fiber is that it is not as durable as nylon and Olefin.

Triexta- It is a new comprehensive subclass of polyester. Some of the inspiring features of this carpet is permanent stain resistance, extreme durability and friendlier underfoot. Unlike other manufacturer of synthetic fibers, the manufacturer of Triexta is much greener because of the utilization of renewable resources.

Acrylic- Acrylic fibers are blended with other fibers such as wool because somehow they relate to the look and feel of natural wool. Also, they are less expensive and so blending them with wool is quite a pleasant idea.

Wool- It is definitely the most luxurious natural fiber. Softness, durability and a wide variety of colors available are some of its hallmarks. One of the biggest limitations of wool is the high price of fiber.

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