Lehenga — The traditional Indian Dress

woman in white and brown floral dress standing on hallway

What is a the story of Lehenga?

Lehenga is a garment that is draped around your midsection. Let us say like a skirt. However it is often ankle length. It gets its early origin from the Moghul period. When the Mughals melted into indian dresses and The indian subcontinent and conquered it, the queens of the period used to wear a long skirt type of thing known as lehenga supported with a choli and duppatta and decked up with heavy jewelry. It was then considered to be a dress of high society for the queens.

The girls, women of those days used to wear lehengas as their daily wear clothes like we wear jeans and t-shirts! But later on with the development in the fashion world, it became more of a fashion Indian dresses USA statement for women and women, but this attire has largely been left for special occasions. But even in towns nowadays also, women and young girls are only wearing lehengas in their daily life.

It is a very elegant garment and is usually worn along with a dupatta (say like a took or a shawl) and a choli (like a shirt or a top). Indian women wear many kinds of clothes and they are the sari to slawar kameez. However Lehenga holds a special place in these outfits.

With the world becoming global, the traditional Indian attires have been applauded through the world. With your fashion designers making the edges of countries dissolve, the traditional Indian Dress es are now even worn across the edges.

Different curtains

Down south when a girl turns into a young person they adorn her with a man made fibre Lehenga and celebrate the occasion with friends and family. It is called as Pavada or Langa. In the Upper part of The indian subcontinent they celebrate weddings and the girls Lehenga is the most important of all. Here they call it Lehenga or Ghagra. In the East of The indian subcontinent they wear the traditional Mekhla. It is like the wrap around and is exquisite in design. It is said that a Lehenga can cost anything from Rs 300 to 30000 or more. It all depends on the texture of the garment.

Flowing future

Behind closed doors Lehenga has made its way into the everyday activity of women. Rather than the heavy stitched ones, women prefer to wear the cotton skirts. These are comfortable and can be worn with a first tee or a choli. They can use a stylish took to cover it and throw in an accessory to fit the contemporary style.

Variety is the liven of Life!!!

When you approach to buy a pair of jeans, you do want to know if the pair that you pick up is authentic. The same applies to the Lehenga. And once you approach a store to grab this Indian garment make sure you know what you want. Here are a couple of varieties that may catch you eye.

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