Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall 2009

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If the crowd that packed Weekendz Nightclub, in Kingston on Saturday, May 3, 2009 is to be interpreted then the producers of the new hit show may need a new location. The Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall were crowned last Saturday with a huge show that showcased the top 10 finalists all dancehall performing. Tiki and Poor and Boasy were crowned at the end as the ultimate winners. The show must be commended for its inspiration and for portraying a type of talent competition in Jamaica that was not on mainstream television. I believe the show was different in that it didn’t seek to try to copy mom of all talent competitive events ‘American Idol’.

However, the family court judges must be commended for their real comments. These were not their just to criticize and compliment the contestants on the show every week. But as the season developed we saw where the comments were expressed to improve the contestant’s craft in the business. The roles of the family court judges were also critical. Mr. Burrell as the producer, Ms. Pet a popular radio public speaker and DJ General Degree a frequent in the business per week expressed comments from different factors of the business each disclosing the contestants as to the the requires.

The show begins per week with a dancehall fashion show which will be improved in future months. The models are newbees and I believe if professionals are used then designers will get more from this message. After all, it’s business.

The star of this season really goes to Poor and Boasy who walked away with a million dollars cash. His personality and capacity to show charm which Jamaicans are recognized for made him the most popular among the viewers. In addition to his personality viewers cannot ignore his life story. As a 19 year old washing car windows in half Way Tree, who question himself daily about his life and future, it must have taken great strength to become the champion, knowing you are fighting not only for your future but also your son’s. The same costs the Queen of Dancehall Tiki. Her capacity to write songs that are easy to sing out makes her wonderful and that is critical in a industry, you want individuals to remember you. She reminds me of Beyonce in some ways, if you look at Beyonce’s songs all are have catchy phrases that connect with her audience. This is a huge lesson for artistes today not only to write lyrics that produce sense but also have entertainment quality.

In conclusion, I believe that Magnum will continue to support this show. Who can forget the brand’s image and phrase “di magnum ina him” which only did the brand well. The producers must therefore see how you can improve on the product by providing a new class show which will mean a more impressive production set and better producing. All the problems in production ought not to be repeated but better talents should now come to the front to take dancehall which is bigger than all of us to a more impressive range.

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