Masterchef Australia – A Menu For life Success?

The new television Series of Masterchef Australia is here. Masterchef Australia was compelling viewing for me last year surprisingly not just for the delicious looking food, wonderful menu ideas, hints & Tips but also for the aspiration and passion of the contestants involved.

Without different, every one of the Masterchef finalists assistir masterchef brasil 2021 were successful in other professional careers but had always wanted to pursue a job that involved their passion in life – food.

They all had similar stories to tell, basically that involved them going into careers that they were almost expected to pursue but in which some way or another were never truly fulfilling for them.

They all felt that fear, risk and the expectations of others had stopped them from acting upon their true purpose in life.

It made me think – What makes someone want to give up a successful professional career to pursue a job in cooking under the glare of the Masterchef Australia spotlights where their assessments and tribulations, failures and success are laid bare for the world to see?

Professional cooking is a fast paced, questionable environment that involves working extended stays in uncomfortable surroundings. Masterchef contestants were exposed to these kinds of difficulties on a daily basis throughout the series with each challenges set becoming progressively harder as the series went on.

The contestants met and transformed these challenges each time and this to me demonstrates perfectly how a persons drive and determination to pursue and achieve their dreams and do something they are passionate about in life can be accomplished no matter what obstacles are placed before them.

Each Masterchef contestants know in themselves that they will bring more happiness into their lives once they have achieved their goal

Interestingly it has not been the most blessed chef that won through in the end, displaying that Skill is developed though practice and that makes all the difference because, whilst a “god given talent” may be important, it’s the drive, persistence, determination and self belief that are more important in the end.

So if you have ever felt like there was more that you were put on this earth to do, that life has somehow got in the form of your dreams and ambitions, take some time to think about what you really want to do – and then watch Masterchef Australia to see how some people take steps to make it happen for their dreams.

In order to make progress to where you want to be in your life you have to click with making change. If you don’t make changes to get to where you really want to be then tomorrow is going to be just the same as yesterday – with the exception of you being a day older and your dream still being just as a long way away.

If you have a dream, an aspiration, a desire or a need in your life – take actions to achieve it.

I can guarantee that there will be just as many Masterchef Australia contestants this year with a burning aspiration to fulfill their dreams as last year. You might want make the time to watch some Masterchef Australia. It might just be that you will be inspired not simply by the food on show – but by the contestants themselves.

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