PDF Printers: The easiest way To Convert Anything To PDF

The question of “How to convert this or that to PDF” is quite common over the internet. The simplest solution for this problem is with a PDF Printers.

A PDF Printers is a kind of virtual printer, that is a computer program which emulates a physical printing device, but writes its output into a file instead of printing it down in writing, and thus actually turns one file type into another. The main advantages of this kind of printers are their flexibility and simplicity. When such a software is installed merge pdf and printing output is directed to it, almost any “printable” file regardless of its format can be written into a PDF file. Also, “printing” a document into a file requires basically no additional skills or settings: after installing a PDF Printers all what is necessary to do to get a file became PDF is to open the file in its default application, to select the print dialog, and to choose a virtual printer instead of a physical device.

The applications like MS Word or OpenOffice have build-in virtual printers. Also there is a lot of stand-alone virtual printers, which can be down loaded, installed put pdf together and used together with other software. Here is, for example, a list of free MS Windows-compatible PDF Printers s, available today in the Internet:

General Converter
All these applications may be easy to find on the net.

These software programs are able to generate PDF files of pretty merge pdf for free decent quality, suitable, for example, for self-published PDF books. And by the way, the easiest way to convert a MS Word document into P DF is to “print” the document with a virtual printer.

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