Portable Internet Radio on your Cell phone

I like to access music as simply as possible, find what I like, obtain it, and take it with me. Crucial to this are new/unfamiliar tunes, and not having to compile the songs myself.

Internet radio through your personal machine Radio App allows for the most diversity, and fewer dropped signals with regard to styles/genres, especially for “niche” sites like: funk, jazz fusion, acid/nu jazz, etc.

Coupled with recording/converting software, a brilliant phone is a great device for listening to radio obtained through this industry.

Smart phones (i. e. Cell phone or similar) with easily-removed storage (sorry iPhone) offers yet another approach. Don’t get me wrong, this can be finished with an iphone also, but there isn’t easily-removed storage. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy memory cards, instead of phones, as your library grows.

There are also a quality internet radio apps for cell phones like Flycast, Slacker and IHeart radio, which i do use from time to time, but for me they apparently flunk for one reason or another, i. e. poor playlist tracks/genre availability, dropped signals, battery strain while connected, etc.

I like the approach below better.

Determine what audio formats your phone will play. Record the files, then convert compared to that format. Connect your phone to your computer, then drag and drop files into your phones’ music folder or memory card.

In an earlier article I discussed using recording software to capture internet radio “broadcasts”. Which is fine if you have the url of the station. But what if you don’t? You can futz around with “url snooper” type software to see the urls, but that is the topic for another article. This solution is a lot less bothersome.

If a double male 3. 5mm fix cord is powering the mic jack on iMic, and the other end powering the headphone jack of your computer… Voila, you now have an in-line connection secure from ambient noise!

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