Real estate Trends: Luxury Apartments in Bangalore

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In recent years, Bangalore, also called the silicon pit of The indian subcontinent, has exploded rapidly. The city’s lifestyle, demographics and job opportunities have attracted Godrej Crest Vashi people from all over The indian subcontinent. With this, the requirement for luxury apartments in good locations in addition has surged. Customers are not only viewing these homes as an asset, but also as a change that provides an ripe lifestyle.

Spurt in luxurious apartments in Bangalore

Within the last few years, Bangalore’s housing market has seen a spike in luxurious houses. These houses are primarily targeted towards high net worth individuals and therefore, real estate developers are focusing on high-end villas and line houses equipped with all the modern amenities.

Earning is the main reason for developers to join the premium houses bandwagon. Prices of these homes range between Rs. 2 to 12 crores. The homes are not only large in terms of sq feet area, but also have benefits such as Wi-Fi, swimming pool, jogging track, badminton courts, sensor locks, etc.

Thanks to technological advances, developers are able to build customized villas having amenities of international standards. Bangalore’s real estate developers have reinvented their offerings from time to time, which have further fuelled the demand for high-end residential homes.

Region wise growth of premium apartments

North/North Western side

A series of premium apartment projects ranging between Rs. 2 to 4 crores have been undertaken in the sub-markets of places like Hebbal. Developers have chosen the place due to its prime location, good connection and ongoing structure development. Numerous luxury houses attended up in your neighborhood between Hebbal and Yelahanka. North Bangalore has all the potential to develop as the center of premium residential homes.


In the south, Bannerghatta Road has seen a spike in premium villas and houses priced between Rs 1. 5 to 4 crores. Localities like J P Nagar and Banashankari too have witnessed a spike in high-end residential villas.


Premium villas attended up in the east in places like Budigere Cross, Krishnarajapuram and Whitefield Road. The price ranges between Rs 2 to 4 crores. Distance to the city’s airport and extensive bus connection has added tremendous value to these areas.

Western side

Several high-end residential projects have been launched in places like Yeshwantpur and Doctor Rajkumar Road. Because of presence of several retail chains and hotels, demand for villas from these places have increased dramatically.

Nowadays, there are many luxury home units in the city at various levels of planning and construction. Value of luxury homes in Bangalore is much higher as compared to other metros in The indian subcontinent. The approving real estate scenario in the city will further propel the demand of high quality housing in coming days.

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