Sheesha/ Shisha Smoking — Harmful Effects on Health

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Sheesha or Shihsa is also known as water water line or Hookah is actually smocking device in which smock cooled and filtered by water.

A current study ensures that sheesha or shisha is serious threat to the healthiness of teenagers, especially the girls. This habit was found to be most prevalent in the 16-25 years hookah in uk age group with 70% sheesha smokers being male and 30% ladies. There is another dangerous thing about sheesha and that is the use of forbidden and chemical substances in more than 30% of sheesha outlets by owners or by smokers.

Sheesha smocking may result in low fertility rates among girls and increase the probability of fetal abnormalities, posing a major threat to their health. Other harmful impacts of sheesha smocking includes heart problems, stroke, muscle and joints ailments, headache, and may also lead to cancers of lip area, tongue, mouth, bronchi and stomach. Besides posing a serious threat to teenager’s mental and physical health the sheesha smoke also affected those sitting in the vicinity of the smokers, which is sometimes called second-hand or passive smoking.

One use your electronic cigarette of the sheesha smoke contains more than 5000 active chemicals out of which at least more than 100 are carcinogenic and more than 25% have serious enslaving potential. Another big risk with sheesha smoking is that enslaving drugs like cocaine, pot and heroine are increasingly being added to the flavoured tobacco either by the managements of these outlets or by the customers themselves.

The trend of Sheesha smoking in Pakistan is rapidly increasing with the passage of time and especially in young boys and girls. Sheesha outlets are not only mushrooming in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faiselabad but also in small cities and towns. Government should need to check the outlets and may discourage such trends.

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