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Whether your office is large and busy or small and growing, making use of RFID tracking and the latest healthcare software can improve your office manager’s ability to track assets, ensure patient safety and control access to patient records. Overall, your office will run more efficiently and your patients will be better satisfied. As time goes by, the cost of implementing these systems is recouped numerous times through increased profits.

Security and inventory tracking are big issues for all kinds of companies these days. Most companies are making use of standard UPC bar codes and other electronic devices. RFID tags may never fully replace bar codes, but the RFID wristband of information that can be stored in them, as well as the distance from which they can be read is superior to any other kind of tracking device.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently making use of the technology. If you store drugs, medical equipment or similar items in your office, and you have the right programs installed in your office PCs, you or your employees can find out what pharmaceuticals you currently have on hand, without even opening a storage closet.

Accurate tagging and the latest healthcare software programs make inventories a breeze. In a matter of minutes, an inventory can be verified, printed and placed on your desk.

Studies indicate that this kind of tracking reduces problems with low inventory. You can be sure that the items you need are close at hand when you need them. RFID reduces loss and helps to prevent theft, as well. Your employees’ nametags can be equipped with a tag that allows them access to or prevents them from entering stockrooms. This practically eliminates drug theft.

If you have a busy clinic, incoming patients can be fitted with wristbands that include chips containing their medical history. The histories can be read with portable readers. In hospitals, the use of these wristbands has reduced the number of errors, which improves patient satisfaction and safety.

The latest healthcare software can be used for staffing, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Programs are available that help doctors treat patients and educate patients about caring for their own health. RFID tags are being used to keep track of home health care devices. With the right tools, doctors can ensure that drugs and medical equipment are going to the right patients and staying with them.

In short, healthcare software and RFID tagging is improving the medical industry at all levels and making it easier for you to do your job.

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