Sports Handicapping Services

“The combination of sports handicapping services and the Internet has created unbelievable opportunities for people who want to earn a living by doing gambling on this multibillion dollar sports pkv games industry. It allows many enterprisers to make a full time living by using professional handicapping services. This allows them to work from home and make thousands of wins just by betting on the outcomes of dozens of Major League Baseball, NBA, or NFL games each day.”

Setting thezu whirlwind in motion is the so-called “Spreads” system, a sort of combination between three different processes, each of them stratified. At the most fundamental, it is a system that is predicated on the idea that roughly 70% of all NBA basketball games end with a spread of less than five points. What makes the Spread system sophisticated, and what sets it apart from the other systems, is that it is not based solely on point spread records. As a matter of fact, according to the author of the system, it is not progressive, but rather has reached a point of stability. Other systems are dynamic, that is, they incorporate a different number of spreads into the equation, and in theory, a greater number of wagers necessary to achieve the same result. For instance, one system may be NBA Fullcourt Report, another MLB Fullcourt Report. They are characterized as being a “black hat” and a “white hat” system, respectively, in that the logic is the same, but the finding and the balancing of the spreads vary. In addition, progressive systems are detrimental to sports betting because a high percentage of losing players result in a higher risk for the sports bettor.

In the NBA, a typical spread in quarter or half court situations occurs about 55% of the time, with a similar 55% occur in pace situation. If you added up all of the individual point spread numbers for each quarter and all of the half court/betting spreads, you would have calculated each system’s worth. Each system is designed to account for and predict a different range of results. The more traditional type incorporates up to six individual spreads. The more advanced systems can actually examine and predict the outcome of eight or more individual games. What this means is that a downside to some of the more complicated systems is that theirpper is not as progressive as the more basic systems, and as a result, the risk of losing your bankroll goes up significantly.

In baseball, the most common type of bet is the money line, a bet on the odds between the favored team and the underdog. The money line is a simple bet on the team each person thinks will win. The scenario could be a competitive team playing a mediocre team. If you think the anytime point spread is going to be less than or more than the actual spread on the appropriate game, you lay the money line bet.

The majority of sport betting systems being sold, or you could say utilized, by the many sport books, are progressive. They are selling you a way to get an edge in your sport betting, not actual bets, but instead are geared to produce a profit from what you already have built. Some of the sales ads bragging about how much money you will make from their system include pictures ofulk guaranteed profits. As an example, a picture of aChester Duck (fully insured of course) could be inserted into the ad to illustrate the potential benefits of using the system. This is not at all an unusual occurrence. The reason why this is so outrageous is that no one, no one, has ever made a living buying and reselling sports picks.

Many of the progressive systems being sold rely on the accumulator bet. The accumulator bet is a way to combine a straight bet on a game or sports team with the money line on another game. The way it works is that you pick a game to bet on and then bet the straight bet on the same game at the book with the appropriate handicap and point spread. Then you pick the next game to bet on and do the same thing. This process continues until you have won in a progressive manner and as you win, the point spread and money line are adjusted to reflect your profits. In essence, the accumulator bet makes it appear as if you have won in a straight bet. The system is a total game of chance and the chance of you walking away successful is the same as the chance you will walk away unsuccessful.

The negative side of the accumulator bet is that you must have an immense amount of knowledge in order to exploit the system to its fullest extent. The further side of the system is that you must have a remarkable amount of luck in order to participate in the selections being made. Definitely, the prospect of you betting on sports picks is not one that should be taken lightly.

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