That Guy With the Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives

Why is it that every time I go camping there is always that one guy – that guy who has a tendency to know everything about the outdoors and has your machine to survive in any Steel Fixing company in London situation that doesn’t involve nuclear aftereffects of some kind? (And even then you wonder. ) They seem though attracted to sharp, shiny objects as well, which can be concern in the wrong person, but – let’s face it – completely cool in others.

The last time I sought out on a weekend venture I was accompanied by about five other people. I knew most of them, and we were all trained in the outdoors, but not what you might call “outdoorsy. ” That is, with the exception of my brother’s friend’s nephew who joined us this weekend. Him and his case full of Cold Steel Fixed blade knives.

Have you ever seen that episode of “Lost” in season one where the old guy with the bald head first showed everyone his cutlery collection? This is as being similar to that. The other four of us stood in awe around the guy with the slightly distressing smile on his face and the extremely sharp objects in his case.

I had to admit, they looked pretty cool, and my brother’s friend’s nephew really did apparently know what he was doing. He was clearly a die-hard fan of Cold Steel Fixed blade knives, since his whole collection was from that company. He really had a cutlery for every situation and said he believed in being prepared. He was as being similar to a Boy Scout in that way… if, you know, Boy Scouts had an unhealthy fascination with knives. (On second thought, he was probably exactly like a Boy Scout. )

Even as all stood around wonder who the poor sap was that will have to share a tent with this guy, he begun to give us a close explanation of his collection. Cold Steel Fixed blade knives apparently come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. He sliced at a stump with a Bowie knives, whittled down some twigs to a worryingly sharp point with a rogue cutlery, and impressed (or frightened) people along with his power to stick a throwing cutlery in a tree from 40 feet away.

I suppose there is something about that kind of fascination that is catching. Once in a while have all been worried, but we also couldn’t help but be impressed. I know for a fact that at least two of us went straight onto the internet at our first possiblity to shop around for our own Cold Steel Fixed blade knives. What i’m saying is, this way on the next trip I would get to be that guy who has a tendency to know everything about the outdoors and has the knives befitting any situation.

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