The Increasing Spike of Health Care

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While sitting back in her blue jeans and wearing a heavy workout sweater at the Legacy Emanuel Hospital’s Emergency room, Angela Jones has her feet encouraged up and refresh skin therapy peptide surpassed on of a small table. When asked about health care issues and how they affect her, Angela explains that there is some of men and women who suffer from not having medical care insurance. She makes it clear that one particular who suffer nearly all are young people. Jones, who is a undergraduate, declared her passion for the young because it falls under her own age group.

Says Jones, “The Oregon Health Plan should be open to more people who are under 21 years of age yoa. Private insurance really should not be so expensive for young people. inch

According to national surveys, the primary reason people are uninsured is the high cost of health insurance coverage. Despite, nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of the uninsured reported changing their way of life significantly in order to pay medical bills. Economists have discovered that increasing health care costs correlate to falls in health insurance coverage.

Jones believes that some of the greatest challenges that people face across this nation is obtaining affordable health care. “I would open an Oregon Health Want to a variety of people who don’t have insurance. It is hard to get health insurance. inch

Terri Heer, a registered nurse at a local hospital, claims that in order to improve America’s health care system a key ingredient is to “make sure that everyone (has) access. inch

This would include reducing on expenses that are not palpable to so called “health care needs”. Heer says, “First, we spend a lot of money providing people for illnesses that can be avoided. Some of the money spent can go to other things. inch

Over the long haul, should the nations health care system undergo significant changes, the common patient may not necessarily see the improvements direct. “I would like to say there will be a lot of changes. I am not a pessimist, but I do not think there will be any change, inch says Heer. Heer does allude to the fact that if more money were spent for people in the health care arena, she says that there is a chance that the necessary changes would be more evident.

Whether health care is affordable or not is an issue that affects everyone. According to a current study last year, health care spending in the united states reached $2. 3 trillion, and is estimated to reach $3 trillion by 2011. By 2016, it is estimated to reach $4. 2 trillion. Although around nearly 47 million Americans are uninsured, the You. S. uses more on health care than any other nation.

The rising wave of health care stems from several factors that has an affect on people. First, there is an intensity of services in the You. S. health care system that has underwent a dramatic change when you consider that people live longer coupled with greater chronic illnesses.

Secondly, prescribed drugs and technology have used significant changes. The fact that major drugs and technological advancement has been a contributing factor for the increase in health care spending. Some analysts claim that the improvement of state-of-art technologies and drugs increase health care spending. This increase not only attributes to the high-tech pioneer technology, but also because consumer demand for these products is now through the roof, as we say.

Finally, there is an aging of the population. Since the middle-agers have reached their middle years, there is a tremendous need to take care of them. This trend will continue as middle-agers will qualify for more Medicare health insurance in 2011.

Lastly, there is the factor of admin costs. Some would claim that the private sector plays a critical role in the rise of health care costs and the economic increase they produce in cost to do business costs. At the same time, 7 percent of health care expenses are a result of admin costs. This would include facets of accounts receivable and marketing.

Terra Lincoln is a woman who was found waiting in the Emergency room at the Providence Portland Hospital. When asked about the rising costs of health care, she said, “If you don’t have medical coverage, it’ll cost you excess amount. If i leave a healthcare facility right now and I must buy two (types) of medicines, I couldn’t afford it. inch Lincoln says that she is a member of the OHP, but she believes that there are still conditions that need to be addressed.

Terra understands that to reduce medical costs, she must begin by getting regular examinations. “Sometimes people of color wait till they’re in pain before they get a checkup, inch she said.

A national survey ensures that the primary reason why people cannot afford health care is due to soaring costs of health care coverage. In a recent Wall-Street Journal-NBC survey it is reported that 50% of the American public claims that their highest and most significant economic concern is health care. Consequently, the rising cost of health care is the number one concern for Democratic voters.

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