The reason why skins in Valorant improve your aiming

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Many of you have wondered why they play significantly better with weapon skins they picked up than they would otherwise. There are, of course, many factors that alter aiming and confidence. Among them is of course the physical condition of the player. But I don’t want to go into that here. We would rather deal with the psychological aspects:
Skins in Valorant have different bullet tracers, which are much clearer and more colorful than those of standard skins. Therefore, when spraying, you can gain a small advantage with skins, because you can see more clearly the directions of the bullets. Of course, this only helps when spraying. Also, these thicker tracers may give you the impression that you shoot more accurately and therefore have higher confidence while shooting.
Still, you’ve probably also noticed that you generally have better aim with skins as well. This is because, for example, the dragon skin for the Vandal moves less when you run in comparison to the standard skin, giving you the impression of being more accurate while running. This also leads to you shooting earlier on in gunfights while moving and having more confidence while peaking. This is purely a head thing and in truth all weapons are equally strong, but it does affect many players. (I don’t want to express that it is pay2win or anything similar, dont get me wrong.)
Edit: “Specially the sound on it plays an interesting role I guess.. I tend to handle it way better.” – u/SplashpredictsSplashpredicts is right, I completely forgot to include the role that the different gunsounds are playing. Many skins have different sounds and may feel more powerful than their default variants. This then also leads to better confidence in taking duels or peaking somebody. Likewise, facing quieter sounds from the same weapon can also improve aiming for some, as they feel/think the recoil is less.
Edit 2: Another point that reinforces my theory (slightly): In the First Strike tournament, some professional players used the dragon skin, even though it was considered distracting on the Reddit forum. There must be a reason that people use the skin despite its distracting animations and sounds. It is probably the case, that the dragon skin feels the same as playing the AK47 in CSGO while having turned off gun bobbing. (A lot of pros played professional CSGO before and tend to disable gun movements via
Edit 3: Same applies to the finisher of some skins: They probably feel like cheering you on, giving you even more pride and confidence for the next rounds.
Edit 4: Strongest evidence: u/Joketts added a really interesting video that strengthens the theory even more, see Joketts comment: The video is about the game “Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory”, in which there are two identical weapons on each team side, but they sound different. The weapon with the stronger sound was played better by players because they felt better with it. As a consequence, they had to change the sound of the said weapon.
Edit 6: u/Naerly found a similar example regarding the game Fortnite: Naerly’s comment
Edit 5: As u/SourLemon9977 pointed out, quieter skin variants like the Singularity-set can possibly help you focus on other sound queues and improve focus in general.

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