The secret Of Selling Thrift Store Clothing On Ebay

Many people sell thrift Store Clothing on ebay everyday. Why? Because clothing is in demand on ebay!. Every day people will clean their local thrift store for items to sell on ebay and many of those Vlone items will sell for far more than what they paid for the item. This is why selling thrift store items is so great, very big profit potential. I have sold many items for 1, 000%, 3, 000% and even 5, 000% profit margins. Yes, it is possible to do. There is a secret to it however. It is not by chance that the items I sell do so well. And ebay being ebay, I am sometimes wrong. But often, I’m right and my sales do very well.

What is the secret? I will tell you the secret to selling on ebay. Knowledge. You get paid on ebay for what you know. It may sound simple and it is but many people who try to sell not only thrift store items and clothing but ANYTHING on ebay, first need to find out what folks WANT. Knowing what is in demand is the key to selling on ebay. Many people try to find a supplier first. What good is a supplier if you don’t know there is a eager market? You must know what people are looking for first. If you are going to sell thrift Store Clothing on ebay, you must first know what to look for.

Thrift stores are filled with thousands of items, most of which you do not want. You want only those items where people are waiting for anyone to post that item. This is done by researching closed past sales. This way guess what happens is in demand and why. Many times it is collectors, a designer name, a classic piece or a hard to find item that will have many people businesses thus driving the price up or over.

The best way to do research closed sales is to keep a notebook dedicated to ebay sales that have ended in each category that you want to specialize in such as women jeans, guys sweatshirts or childrens jeans and jeans. As you start research a new category make a section for it and start to research the names of the brands that close for the highest price listed first. Write down what names have the most rates for bids, sell for the highest prices and have the highest sell through rate. As you add more and more names to the list, you will quickly see a pattern of what folks want and will bid for them.

In addition to researching closed sales, the other key is to do field research. Go to your local thrift store with a pencil and small notepad. Copy down all of the names you see on the holder that you are new to. When you get home look up those items on ebay. Many of the names will not yield results that would make it worth going back to buy the item, BUT every once in a while you will find that overlooked diamond that will make it worth your time going back to buy. As you do this for a little while, you will know what brands are junk and the ones are worth buying. When you do find those great things that no one else understands, you will know what folks mean by the term the thrill of the hunt!

Familiarity with the market is the key. However many people haven’t done their homework first and will list stuff no one wants and they’ll think ebay just doesn’t work. They just went about it wrong. You can use your local thrift store to have a constant method of getting items to sell, If you know what to look for. If you do some simple research and a little learning from mistakes, you will be the one who knows what they are doing.

You must really become familiar with the market and what folks want and what they don’t want as well. You will get better at it as you continue to get more experience and will quickly see other opportunities other than clothing. People cast off all sorts of things that are junk to them but treasure to someone else which are the old saying most evident One persons garbage is another ones treasure.

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