Top Spa Trends — Wellness Spa Equipment, Organic Skin care and Customized Spa Services

The ever-increasing demand for gyms offering health maintenance in addition to relaxation and beauty services has changed the way esthetician machines gyms trade. Many spa visitors are not just looking to be spoiled. They want healthy living, fitness, personal growth, friendly to the environment, natural remedy, weight loss, organic skin care programs and more. This shift is creating some fascinating new spa therapy trends that indicate consumer choice is a high priority. In today’s market spa-goers want superior quality equipment, educated carrier’s networks with the highest recommendations and a gorgeous location with a luxurious, comfortable atmosphere. Creativity, innovation and a commitment to excellence are the keys to starting and operating a successful spa.

Organic Skin care Products and Organic Therapeutic massage Oils, Creams and Lotions

Around the world people are thinking more about the beauty and skin care products they put on and in their bodies. Successful gyms must think not only about the standard of their estheticians, massage experienced counselors and other staff, but also about the standard of the products they use. Organic skin care treatments, such as organic body wraps, facials, footbaths and more are in sought after.

Massage experienced counselors are also now using organic therapeutic massage oils, creams, lotions and muscle rubs made with organic ingredients such as natural healing herbs and therapeutic essential oils. According to the HealingLifestyles. com article “Spa Trends 08 The Evolved Spa” by writer Margie Goldsmith, Tracy Lee, vice us president of spa development for Auberge Resorts says, “Spas are positioning themselves with an increase of green products, and many anti aging companies are getting rid of paraffins and sulfites. Today’s savvy spa consumer does not blindly accept the label, ‘all natural. ha A product needs to be greener, more pure, and must provide more proof. inch

Spa Equipment and Commercial Home fitness equipment created for Wellness

In 08 spa visitors don’t just want to look better, they want to feel healthier. Fitness equipment has been a part of the spa experience but the kind of equipment spa-goers will find has changed. In addition to the traditional treadmills, stationary bikes and weight training equipment gyms now provide fitness alternatives such as vibration therapy machines like the Power Plate and marine therapy equipment. Gyms are also offering hydrotherapy tables, hydrokinetic showers, skin scanners, infrared nutrient lights, biofeedback machines, low level cold lasers and other equipment that promotes natural healing.

Natural Healing Herbs and Of utilizing holistic Vitamin supplements for Detox and Natural Weight loss

Many people visiting gyms each year now understand benefit and benefits of an annual body cleanse. Detoxification has become a standard in the spa industry to improve health and achieve natural weight loss. In addition to traditional cleansing massage therapy and cleaning skin treatments gyms now provide visitors with access to of utilizing holistic vitamin supplements, nutritional organic vitamins and natural healing herbs. It is essential that spa owners and professionals confirm the credibility and integrity of any detox and natural weight loss products they suggest to ensure safety for all spa-goers.

Customized Spa Treatments

In 08 spa owners are seeing an increase in the demand for customized spa services. According to the International Spa Association ISPA “customized relaxation” is in. “You can make most situations your ‘own’ today from custom workouts built in your Nikes, smells combined to match your nose or a zenned-out playlist on your ipod device, inch states ISPA, “Spas are creating unique experiences for their guests as well with 24 percent indicating that clients can book blocks of time instead of specific services. This time block allows them to manufacture a treatment that is all of their own from the music to the products to the room temperature. inch

Spa Luxury and the Conveniences of Home

In her article “Spa Trends 08 The Evolved Spa”, HealingLifestyles. com journalist Margie Goldsmith writes, “Guests used to come to a spa once or perhaps twice a year. Now, owners and renters live the spa experience on a daily basis. Other lifestyle aspects are now being incorporated such as nutrition, sleeping well, retirement, and how you use your leisure time-things beyond treatments and fitness. inch

Sylvia Sepielli, a conceptual spa designer states, “There’s a movement towards integrating more health aspects within the spa experience, and the term ‘spa’ has been branching out to include more than just fitness and treatments. We’re seeing more mixed-use property, resorts with home-stay components, and a big part of that is the spa/lifestyle component. inch Goldsmith also mentions an increase in Girlfriend Escapes and Mother Daughter spa trips. As women begin traveling together more the residential living aspects such as full kitchens, in room yoga and fitness supplies, in room spa showers and tubs and access to wireless Internet will continue to are more popular.

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