What to Do When Your Toilet is Backed Up?

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A backed up toilet is always a frustrating and sedot wc jakarta utara experience. Unfortunately we are all likely to have to deal with a backed up toilet. However, fortunately in most cases you can clear most clogs that cause a backed up toilet without having to hire a plumber. Below are a number of tips to clearing a clog causing your toilet to back up:

1. Use a quality plunger that has a rim or lip on the head to allow for effective sealing around the drain hole so there will be strong suction. The plunger should also be flexible. You can purchase a good plunger from a plumbing supply store or hardware store.

2. Position the plunger head with petroleum jelly around the lip of the plunger over the toilet drain. With great strength, push with immense force up and down so that you are creating strong suction and a strong flow of water to push through the clog.

Snake (Auger)

Using a snake to remove a clog causing a backed up toilet can be effective in removing a clog deep in the sewer line. A snake is a long and flexible wire coil that can go deep into the toilet drain pipe. By using a snake, preferably a ‘closet auger,’ you can slide it through the pipe until you locate the clog. Use the head of the snake to grasp at the clog to break it apart. You can then grasp the remaining clog and pull it back through the pipe. Then, flush the toilet to eliminate any remaining pieces of the clog. As well, you can add bacterial enzyme toilet treatment to remove any accumulation of sediment and waste in the pipes.

Other Clog Removal Methods

There are drain cleaners that can be purchased to clear the pipe and remove substance accumulation. Use drain cleaners that states they are safe for porcelain. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. Do not plunge after you have added a drain cleaner. As well, some people have used an industrial strength wet/dry vac to try to vacuum the clog out. If there may be a hard obstruction or you are uncomfortable removing and putting the toilet back, contact a plumber.

Backed Up Overflowing Toilets

If your toilet is backed and overflowing, and there is a strong sewer smell, you may likely have a burst pipe or damaged septic tank, or the septic tank may be full. It is important not to keep flushing the toilet as you will have a big mess on your floor. It is better to use a bucket and remove the water until the water level drops to a normal level. Also, turn off the water under the tank. If you do not have a shut off valve under the toilet tank, you can shut off the main water switch at the pump. In cases of a backed up overflowing toilet, you will need the services of a professional plumber.

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