Who Is the Best Poker Player in the World?

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That’s pretty much an impossible question to answer as it could be looked upon as being so subjective. Each player has their own styles and merits and one person may be better in one persons eyes than the next. There is one indicator though that nobody can dispute and that is career earnings. As much as aggression factors or styles may differ we can still see what the career earnings are of some of the top poker pros.

I’ve compiled a list of the top five for you here along with a short description of who they are

Daniel Negreanu – Age 36 – Started playing poker at 15 – Poker alias ‘Kid Poker.’ This canadian was so confident in his poker ability he dropped out of college narrowly before graduation to move to Las Vegas and play poker full time.He has won three WSOP bracelets in his time which is no easy feat.Total career earnings to date – $14,191,103
Phil Ivey – Age 34 – The man people tend to call the Tiger Woods of poker. His face is everywhere and he probably is the single most well known and possibly respected player. At 23 he had already won 3 WSOP bracelets and as far back as he can remember he said he always wanted to be a poker player even when his friends where wanting to play in the NFL or the NBA this guy wanted to play at the WSOP. -Total Career earnings to date – $13,742,806
Jamie Gold – One of my favourite Daftar AktifQQ players. Hailing from Malibu, California. He has a reputation for remaining extremely calm in the most harrowing of situations. I’ve watched him so calmly make calls for hundreds of thousands of dollars that I probably would of folded for $50. Total career earnings to date -$12,223,798
Peter Eastgate – As like many successful poker players peter, a native of Denmark was always very good with numbers. A natural mathematician he graduated in economics before truelly realising that the numbers he would be working out on a day to day career basis where actually those from a pack of cards – Total career earnings to date – $11,285,234
John Juanda – Born in Indonesia and educated in the University of Oklahama a keen athlete and model scholar he says he would of been a doctor if making a living out of poker wasn’t so easy. He is another player like Jamie Gold who has a calm demeanour you never see him getting angry at bad beats or flustered when the stakes are high.Total caeer earnings to date: $11,234,129
Note: the figures mentioned are solely live MTT cash prizes. This doesn’t include what they have won online or private cash games. The true figures would be much more.

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