YouTube Marketing Strategy: The Breakthrough in your Network marketing

YouTube Marketing has become an essential part of any successful network or online marketing strategy. Youtube, according to Alexa analytics data is the number three most visited website buy youtube likes in the world, ranking after Facebook and Google.

We all know that Youtube is also owned by Google, the most important search engine in the world.

Alexa reports that all visitor uses an average of 24. 02 minutes per day searching or just browsing Youtube. Many network marketers have noticed significant breakthrough in their business using video marketing on Youtube or on any other video sharing site.

Why Youtube?

Videos ranks higher on Google search than even the most SEO optimized and back-linked writing or article. Even the SEO master himself — Deceive Fore and many of the industry’s top leaders use videos on Youtube to communicate with their lists and subscribers.

Network marketing success depends largely on building relationships, when prospective customers see your face and hear you on a Youtube video, that builds instant union and a bond with your audience. They feel they know you and it takes your believable factor to a completely new level, higher than just words on a blog or post. People need to see and relate to a real person.

Any lead found via YouTube Marketing is also a more superior and qualified lead, and automated union builds with daily visitors to your funnel which can actually happen on auto-pilot for years, after posting the video.

On this powerful and under-utilized funnel of Youtube video marketing, a video post takes less time to actually produce or create than an article. An average well crafted article or post, takes about two hours or more, while high-ranking videos takes an average of three to five minutes, especially when it’s for generating leads or traffic to another website like your site or other websites.

A Mindset Shift is necessary to Breakthrough in YouTube Marketing.

Mark Harbert and the Bluesman’s “Traffic Mojo series” on MLSP is a great resource. These pga masters of Youtube and Video marketing revealed that their breakthrough in MLM and network marketing originated in adding a targeted and consistent YouTube Marketing strategy to their blogging platform.

We need to get rid from the barriers and anxiety about video marketing. That anxiety about criticism, poker fun at and mean comments, our physical appearances, lack of confidence and the thinking that our videos have to be perfectly scripted and well produced. Be genuine, real and relatable. People distrust guru-like individuality. Be yourself and do it afraid.

Keys to Success in Implementing a Youtube Video Online strategy:

Use Keyword Research to find what folks are looking for and to improve your video in the title, description, screenplay, and actual video title for the chosen keyword.
Always direct your prospects to your capture page and put the web link in the first the main description.
Use Social back-linking like TribePro to increase back-links to your video URL and increase ranking on both Youtube and Google.
Time stamps your video with your keyword in the description and Youtube actually adds extra back-links. (More details in Traffic Mojo Series in MLSP)
In creating the video, be yourself, be excited, speak with confidence and do it afraid, till you get comfortable!
Build commonality, mention your neighborhood, smile and welcome your audience.
Your video must have a motive, so introduce it, provide content and give the call to action. You have to direct them to the intention of your YouTube Marketing video.
The best Kinds of YouTube Marketing Videos:

Sometimes we get stuck thinking, “what must i make a video on? inch You can make a video on anything, but for business purposes, some very nice topics are:

Marketing Strategies, Marketing Mind-sets and Aha Moments
Company, Books, Product and Leader reviews
Value-based training or Personal developments videos.
Trainings or webinars provide hot, fresh and relevant content or ideas.
If you are new to this, keep it simple — listen to a webinar or wake-up call and make a one minute video as to what you trained on that call or training, distribute it, post it to your Facebook wall, ask a couple to marketer friends to check out. Do this three to five times in a line to breakthrough and turn into comfortable on video.

The YouTube Marketing training I got has made me bold. I was hesitant because of my accent, but I decided to ignore that nay-sayer in my head and I published and posted my first YouTube Marketing video.

Experience a breakthrough in your network or online marketing business, create a video post for your funnel and start your YouTube Marketing today.

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